The Advice People
The Advice People give you “Advice for a nickel, or whatever you think it’s worth!”  Philanthropic street entertainment in the tradition of Lucy, from Peanuts -- remember "Psychiatric Help, 5 cents"? -- The Advice People sit in pairs of two, and will listen to your question and give you their best advice -- since there's two of them, their opinions may or may not match!   The Advice People have advised at Twin Cities Pride, May Day, the Powderhorn and Loring Park art fairs, the Fringe Festival, Dunn Brothers Cafes, and many other events. We've addressed everything from "What city should I move to next?" to “My girlfriend and I are in a long-distance relationship and she wants us to start trying to communicate  via mental telepathy once a week…should we do it?” to "My cat has dry skin".  We're way cheaper than private psychotherapy, and available for parties! 

"That was totally worth a nickel." 
     -- random advisee
If you'd like The Advice People to come to your street fair, rummage sale, party, barbecue or fundraiser, just let us know!  Email: