"So Kiss Me Already, Herschel Gertz!"
“A MUST SEE. … both kick-ass funny and achingly poignant, often at the same time.” – Cincinnati CityBeat
Milwaukee, 1986. Amy has a plan for her 15th summer: Transform from total dorkwad to Material Girl. Build This City on rock and roll. And pine for Ross Buckman until he sees her True Colors shining through. Instead, her parents ship her off to “freakishly Jewish” Camp L’Chaim, where “even the mosquitoes wear yarmulkes!” How do you survive when you’re the pork chop in an all-Kosher world?
“An endearingly funny coming of age story…sharply witty and packed with teen spirit from start to finish."
 -- The Vancouver Globe and Mail

“ ★★★★★  The story of a 15 year-old girl at a boy/girl camp is always fodder for humor but in the hands and mind of Amy Salloway it is a masterpiece. A must-see, or you'll feel like such a putz.” -- MN Fringe Audience Review

“★★★★ Energetic and hilarious…you’ll relate regardless of religious persuasion. Salloway’s story is universal and charming enough to win anyone over.”

-- CBC Manitoba

"So Kiss Me Already, Herschel Gertz!" debuted in 
the 2005 Minnesota Fringe Festival, and has 
gone on to performances at:  

The 2005 Atlantic Fringe, Halifax, Nova Scotia
The 2006 Rogue Performance Festival, Fresno, CA
Augustana College, Sioux Falls, SD
 The Loring Playhouse, Minneapolis, MN
UMN Hillel, Minneapolis, MN
Temple Bet Shalom, Minnetonka, MN
Stage North Theatre, Washburn, WI
The Oh Solo Mio Festival, London, ON
The 2006 Cincinnati Fringe
The 2006 Ottawa Fringe
The 2006 Winnipeg Fringe
The Columbus JCC, Columbus, OH
The Baltimore Creative Alliance
The Jewish Museum of Maryland
UNH Hillel, Durham, NH
UU Congregation of Nashua, NH
Temple Torat Yisrael, Cranston, RI
Camp Massad, Winnipeg, MB
The 2007 Orlando Fringe
The Ottawa JCC, Ottawa, ON
The 2007 Berkshire Fringe, Great Barrington, MA
The 2007 Victoria Fringe
The 2007 Vancouver Fringe
 The 2008 International TeatroNetto Festival of Solo Performance, Jaffa, Israel
Beth Jacob Congregation, Regina, SK
Temple Shaare Zedek, Montreal ,QC
The Manhattan JCC, NYC
The Park Theatre, Hayward, WI
B'nai Emet, St. Louis Park,  MN
UMass-Dartmouth, Dartmouth, MA
The Lyric Theatre, Swift Current, SK
Camp Pembroke, Pembroke, MA

Pick of the Fringe, 2007 Vancouver Fringe
Top 5 Don't Miss Shows, 2007 Orlando Fringe 
Best of the Fest, 2006 Winnipeg Fringe
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“Do we really need another one-person show about Jewish adolescent angst? If it's performed by Amy Salloway  we certainly do.  Salloway has a mobile face, an expressive body and a knack for words.  (Her) character is an awkward, chunky 15-year-old sent for eight weeks to Camp L'Chaim, where the children of conservative Jews can learn Israeli folkdancing and the ancient Jewish art of macrame.  Whether she's describing a fresh container of margarine as looking like "an unexplored canola planet," dancing divinely to the Go-Gos, or winning the heart of Herschel Gertz, Amy could well be the funniest, most appealing character you'll meet at this year's Fringe.” 
-- The Ottawa Citizen

"Sweet, funny, busting with youthful energy." 
-- Winnipeg Sun

“ ★★★★★ A MUST SEE.  Amy Salloway belongs to a rare and crafty class of clowns: she writes comedy as deftly and as perceptively as she performs it. To see "Herschel Gertz" is to wonder which to admire more, her original ideas or her warm, winning revelation of them.”
-- Cincinnati CityBeat

“ Tender and very funny...Salloway’s the type of performer who can draw a laugh with a simple roll of her eyes... and draw an audience in with her honesty, good nature, and spot-on take on the trials of teen angst.  ‘So Kiss Me Already... is almost sure to bring a smile to any but the grumpiest Fringer’s face. L’Chaim’ indeed.”
-- CBC Manitoba

“Our favorite self-loathing performer/writer from the Minnesota Fringe Festival is back for another helping of self-humiliation.  Amy Salloway may be riddled with insecurity, but her writing is loaded with so much skill and good humor that her pain winds up being our pleasure.” 
– The Rake

"★★★★★ Not just for Jewish people…for anyone who hated camp or loved it and anyone who remembers their first kiss or is still trying to block it out.” 
-- MN Fringe Audience Review

"...delivers great comic characterizations, vivid images, and hilarious one-liners. Behind the comedy, Salloway poignantly captures the innocence and confusion of first love."
-- The Georgia Straight

"★★★★★ FRINGE BEST BET: a sweet and endearingly funny coming of age story that deftly avoids the overly sentimental trappings of sweet and endearingly funny coming of age stories. Based on Salloway's own camp experience, the writing is sharply witty and packed with teen spirit from start to finish."
-- The Vancouver Globe and Mail 

“ ★★★★★ Lovely, well-written and DAMN FUNNY! ” 
-– The Two Jew Review

"Salloway channels her inner teenager, zits and all. She can be innocent and imaginative as easily as she can be shrill and self-absorbed.  Ultimately, though, she's a poignantly vulnerable character whose story works through her struggle to find acceptance and spirituality."
-- The Victoria Times-Colonist

“(Salloway’s) memoir on the tortures of Jewish summer camp has enough side-splitting anecdotes about yarmulke macramé and hora-hoofing to make you plotz. And her story of 15-year-old heartbreak is universal enough to connect with goyim everywhere. Mazel tov!”
-- Orlando Weekly
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"So Kiss Me Already, 
Herschel Gertz!"? 

Visit Amy's YouTube Site!  http://www.youtube.com/user/IlaughedIcriedhttp://www.youtube.com/user/IlaughedIcriedshapeimage_5_link_0shapeimage_5_link_1