Amy Salloway
Actor, Writer, Teaching Artist

“Salloway is smart, funny, observant and honest, with a mind that zooms into orbit around a yet-to-be-discovered planet.”   – Cincinnati Enquirer

...has been called “hilariously self-loathing”, “gifted at creating comedy from pain and embarrassment” and “the voice for all of us who were picked last for kickball”.   A lifelong fan of educational and issue-oriented theatre, she spent years acting at science museums and living history centers and in touring plays about conservation, electricity and sexual abuse before taking the plunge and creating original work around the issues closest to her – body image, bullying, ostracism, and the search for self-worth.  Her three one-woman comedies -- “Does This Monologue Make Me Look Fat?” (2003), "So Kiss Me Already, Herschel Gertz!” (2005) and “Circumference” (2006-7) -- all began their lives in the Minnesota Fringe Festival, and have gone on to tour to Fringes, solo festivals, theatres, colleges, organizations and events in the US, Canada and beyond.  
Amy’s been a substitute theatre instructor and guest playwright for Interact Center for the Arts, and a contributor to MPR’s “In the Loop” and CBC radio’s “Definitely Not The Opera”; she’s also one of the twelve Rockstar Storytellers, and a practice patient at the U of MN Medical School, where the audiences for her portrayals of “Woman With Migraine” and “Woman About To Give Birth” are small but appreciative. 
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