"Heebs and Dweebs"
"These four 'true-ish' Jewish tales will strike a chord with anyone who's ever felt fat, ugly, unpopular, awkward and alone -- which is pretty much everyone."  -- Uptown Magazine
Minneapolis actor/writer and frequent Fringe fave Amy Salloway (“So Kiss Me Already, Herschel Gertz!”, “Circumference”) breaks her solo-show-with-a-plotline tradition for a moment to offer up "Heebs and Dweebs" -- a casual and eclectic batch of Jewish, true-ish stories that you definitely don't have to be a Yid to enjoy or relate to!  From a short-lived conversion to Catholicism in first grade to high school life stuck at the "Math Boys" lunch table to a meditation on the sacred intersection of Guilt and Food, Amy shares her personal highlights of Jewish dorkiness.

"Heebs and Dweebs" was originally part of the Spirit In The House Festival of faith-related performance, with sponsorship from the Rimon Jewish Arts Fund (thanks, Rimon!).  It went on to performances at:

The 2009 Ottawa Fringe
The Ottawa JCC
The 2009 Winnipeg Fringe


“To feel like an outsider is nothing remarkable — we’re all misfits in our own ways. What is remarkable is how effortlessly Amy Salloway turns an apparent lifetime of outsiderdom into an hour of very funny, occasionally poignant storytelling/performance that’s at once about her and about all of us."
– Ottawa Citizen

“…effortlessly bounces in and out of characters and manages to make light out of a childhood in which she was apparently made to feel constantly like an outsider…But Salloway's playful delivery ends up the winner and, by the end, you can't help but cheer for the underdog.”   
--Winnipeg Sun

"Amy is the rare artist whose script never gets in the way of her audience connection, who is disciplined and spontaneous at the same time, and who gives me something new, beautiful and rewarding every time I attend a performance. "
-- Spirit in the House Audience Review

"'Heebs and Dweebs'is, admittedly, a work in progress - but so what? As my Fringe companion said after the show let out, "I could have listened to Amy tell stories for another hour."  Chock-full of the hyper-descriptive detail and self-deprecating humour we've come to know and love from the Minneapolis performer, 'Heebs and Dweebs' is a smart, funny and thoroughly enjoyable collage of stories inspired by Salloway's youth. , it's an accessible, honest, warts-and-all portrait of adolescence -- and the monologue concerning a dropped cup of gelato is worth the price of admission alone. 
-- Uptown Magazine, Winnipeg

“…kind of like reading four short stories by David Sedaris, but from the perspective of one Amy Salloway.”
-- CBC Manitoba

"As the performance unfolds, I find myself wishing that I could buy her script so that I could read it out loud and feel the words tickle my tongue the way they do hers. Between moments of laughter and held breaths, I begin writing my review in my head: heart-wrenching, heart-warming, vividly insightful, hilariously funny, shockingly honest, masterfully written. "
-- Ottawa Fringe Audience Review