Behind every failed relationship...there's at least one really good yarn.
“Amy”, Bean murmurs, holding my hand and gazing compassionately at my chewed-off fingernails, “Mei Li has 90% of my heart. I can offer you the remaining 10%.  Can you agree to be happy with 10%?”  He looks up at me; his warm personal odor of brown rice and kitty litter is intoxicating.
“Yes”, I whisper.  “10%. Sure.”
I know.  I know full well that I should be slapped upside the head.  But all I can think is…I’ve gone three years without so much as a date.  What if there’s NEVER going to be anyone else?!?

A dubious romance  begins at a gathering of UNITARDS (Unitarian Adults Realizing Dreams), and meets its end on a road trip to the World's Biggest Ball of Twine in this revised, revamped and continued-work-in-progress that debuted to much enthusiasm at the 2010 Minnesota Fringe!  Tangling together multiple chronologies, live music and narration,  "Entwined" dissects the demons of loneliness, and sends out a high-five to anyone who's ever felt dorky and desperate.  

"Painfully honest, brutally sincere, and hilariously real."
-- MN Fringe Audience Review

"She made me cringe, and laugh, and want to cry, and laugh again.  A brilliant storyteller."
-- MN Fringe Audience Review

"…revelatory and insightful…in tackling the messy private world of a love affair, (Salloway) comes up with something fascinating." 
-- City Pages

Look for "Entwined" at the 2011 MN Fringe Festival!!
Huge Theater (at Lake and Lyndale in Uptown)
3037 Lyndale Ave. South, Minneapolis

Fri 8/5, 5:30 pm
Sun 8/7, 2:30 pm
Wed 8/10, 10:00 pm
Thurs 8/11, 7:00 pm
Sat 8/13, 5:30 pm

For ticket information....
Visit www.fringefestival.org.