"Does This Monologue Make Me Look Fat?"
"...disarmingly intimate; a comic tour-de-force."
-- The Ottawa Citizen
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Amy’s having one of those LIVES. Her uterus is rebelling, her perfect sister is destined for stardom, her boyfriend won’t give her a kidney, and the body-image workshop she signs up for becomes a surreal lesbian adventure. Will this be another night spent wandering the frozen foods aisle? Or somehow, can a single, spherical girl figure out where she fits? 

In this first solo show from award-winning Minneapolis actor/writer Amy Salloway, seven “mostly true” stories meld into an unflinching portrait of the search for love, affirmation and acceptance...and what happens when they all take a REALLY long time to show up  “Best solo performance of 2003” says Lavender Magazine. "A MUST SEE", say the St. Paul Pioneer Press and the Cincy Enquirer.. And from the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, "An 'A'' for chutzpah!"
"Does This Monologue Make Me Look Fat?" premiered in the Minnesota Fringe Festival in the summer of 2003, and has gone on to be performed in and at:

 The 2004 UNO Festival of Solo Theatre, Victoria, BC
 The 2004 Thunder Bay Fringe Festival
 The 2004 Minnesota Fringe Festival
 The 2004 Atlantic Fringe, Halifax, NS
 The 2004 Vancouver Fringe
 The 2004 Artists of Tomorrow Festival, NYC
 Breathe In, Sing Out Benefit, Minneapolis
 The 2005 Flying Solo Festival, Cape May Stage, NJ
 The 2005 Cincinnati Fringe Festival
 The 2005 Berkshire Fringe, Great Barrington, MA
 WomenSpeak 2006, OpenStage Theatre, Harrisburg, PA
 The 2006 Columbus National GLBT Theatre Festival
 Rainbow Resources, Winnipeg, MB
 The 2007 Ottawa Fringe Festival

Top Five  Must-see Shows, 2007 Ottawa Fringe
Ten Best Lesbian Shows of 2006, CURVE Magazine 
Best Comedy Solo Show, Best Original Solo Script, and Best Solo Performance, Columbus National GLBT Theatre Festival, 2006
Critic's Pick, 2005 Cincinnati Fringe Festival
Cincinnati Enquirer Acclaim Award recipient (for outstanding Cincinnati theatre)
Best Solo Performance, Lavender Magazine, 2003

“ ★★★★★ A MUST SEE:  Salloway is engaging and energetic, balancing her innocence and charm with wry and witty observations that cut to the core of emotional vulnerability.” – St. Paul Pioneer Press
"An appealing and marvelously funny performer.  With 'Monologue', you can also add the adjectives brave and original. How else to describe this fireball of talent, who opens her show with an ode to her uterus?"
-- The Ottawa Citizen

“…utterly fearless, absolutely hysterical.”
-- CURVE Magazine 

"Salloway is smart, funny, fearlessly candid, and generously endowed with talent.” 
–The Georgia Straight

"Salloway's writing is superbly crafted, her delivery polished, her comic-timing unsurpassed, and her raging imagination harnessed to her theatrical art like the radioactive core of a nuclear reactor." 
-- The Halifax Herald

"★★★★★ MUST SEE…(Salloway’s) script is endlessly clever and accessible — a true feat considering it could have been just an hour of “woman of substance” jokes and rants. Instead, ‘Does this Monologue…’ boils Salloway's life down into thoughts, emotions and impulses that are universal, relevant and poignant. Who am I? Do I like myself? Can I handle being alone?  Her insightful study makes for great theater; her self-deprecating candor makes for great fringe."
-- CityBeat (Cincinnati)

" MUST-SEE: Salloway's writing is as perceptive as it is hilarious and her theme is our universal need for acceptance. You'll want this appealing performer from Minneapolis to be your new best friend.”
-- The Ottawa Citizen

“Raw and fearless…an ‘A’ for chutzpah!” 
-- Minneapolis Star-Tribune
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