“A-LIST:  Salloway has a gift for detail, a technician's skill with words, and a dead-on instinct for finding humor where others might mine only darkness."  — City Pages

Amy is FAT as hell, and she’s not gonna take it anymore! But when her radical, desperate, last-ditch plan to nab herself a socially acceptable body backfires, how will she live with the reality that remains?  Can an internal and external self ever reconcile after years of bitter divorce? From Minneapolis actor/writer Amy Salloway, the creator  of the award-winning touring solo shows “Does This Monologue Make Me Look Fat?” and “So Kiss Me Already, Herschel Gertz!”, comes an all-new 
autobiographical comedy about size, sweat…and exercising your demons.

“ A MUST-SEE: poignant, sensitive and hysterically funny.” – St. Paul Pioneer-Press

“ «««« Salloway is that rarity, an equally talented writer and performer… hilarious, honest, and unsparing, with a great sense of pace.” -- Calgary Herald

“ ««««1/2  'Circumference' pulled a full house -- an equal divide between guys and women. There was no divide between who was laughing, though: that would be everyone lucky enough to be at the show.” -- Calgary Sun 
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Looking for video clips of "Circumference"? 
Visit Amy's YouTube Site!  http://www.youtube.com/user/IlaughedIcriedshapeimage_4_link_0

“ ««««1/2  Every so often there comes a show that is personal, funny, poignant and touching-- a show carefully crafted to take advantage of each moment's full emotional effect, whether highs or lows.  This year at the  Fringe, that show would seem to be Amy Salloway's 'Circumference'.  The show is about the battle many of have against our own bodies, and against a beauty-obsessed world.  It jumps between (Salloway’s) past and present body issues — as a 7th-grader ostracized by her classmates, and as an adult suffering through loneliness, depression and a backwards insurance approval process to qualify for gastric bypass surgery — as Salloway manages to offer up tales that are familiar to many without ever resorting to “poor me” tactics, even when the story has her at her lowest points.  And boy are there low points, but even during those, there are plenty laughs to be had.  Salloway especially manages to inject comedy into some cringe-inducing moments involving her Grade 7 gym teacher, who routinely singles the poor 12-year-old out in front of her fellow classmates.  
As a performer, Salloway is tireless, and delightful, with range and comedic timing to boot.
Along the way, through the humiliation and name-calling, 'Circumference' leads to some semblance of self-acceptance that avoids coming off as flabby, tired cliche.”
-- The Calgary Sun

" ★★★★★ MUST-SEE:  Salloway is a major-league writer and storyteller ...no audience can come away untouched by the gift of her experience.”
--  St. Paul Pioneer Press

“ ...a charming performer... assumes the quirky characters of her story easily -- in particular, the spazzy junior high friend and the Super America clerk with the accent straight out of 'Fargo'. She gives a high energy performance that spreads to the audience.”
-- Uptown Magazine, Winnipeg

“In the Age of Oprah, weight problems are well-trodden subject matter; however, Salloway’s brave, eccentric performance is more than enough to keep the audience engaged.”
-- SEE Magazine

 “ ★★★★★ Dynamite…there's more content in this play than any others (I’ve) seen combined.   Salloway gives a dead-on performance of a woman whose body shape is at odds against her love life, ability to make friends in school, and her gym teacher. Funny and touching, Circumference is what a play should be.” 
--  The Halifax Coast

“Serves up humour and heartbreak… ‘Circumference’ is a tasty one-hour morsel.”
-- Winnipeg Free Press

"Amy Salloway's new monologue is delivered with such craft and assurance, and as a performer she has so much appeal, that it's easy to forget that her subject matter involves such a great deal of hardship and pain.  It's no small wonder that...she creates a show that both entertains and elicits such strong affection from her audience. "
-- City Pages

“She's got that briliance for capturing what it means to be human.”
– Ottawa Fringe Audience Review
"Circumference" was first performed as a work-in-progress at the Atlantic Fringe in September 2006.  It was rewritten for the 2007 MN Fringe, and has gone on to performances at:

OpenStage Theatre of Harrisburg, PA
The 2009 Berkshire Fringe Festival, Great Barrington, MA
The 2009 Edmonton Fringe
University of Rhode Island
Six Figures Theatres's Artists of Tomorrow Festival, NYC
The 2008 Victoria Fringe
The 2008 Calgary Fringe 
The 2008 Winnipeg Fringe 
The 2008 Piggyback Fringe, Wakefield, QC
The 2008 Ottawa Fringe
The Her-icane Festival of Women's Theatre, Regina, SK
Stage North Theatre, Washburn, WI
Old Arizona Studio, Minneapolis, MN
The Space: A Center for Creativity, New Richmond, WI
The Lowry Lab Fringe Invitational, Actor's Theatre, St. Paul, MN

Top Five Shows To See, 2008 Calgary Fringe
Best of the Fest, 2008 Winnipeg Fringe
“ «««« ‘Circumference’ cleverly uses humor and a whole lot of energy to delve into fat stereotypes, the haunting influence of a junior high school gym class and a unique way to get an extra serving of vegetables. …Extremely relatable for anyone who dislikes something about their body, and the near full house on opening night proved women’s body issues can also make the men in the crowd laugh.”
-- CBC Manitoba

“««««There seems to be at least one of these shows at every Fringe, but don’t write this one off as the usual exercise (or lack thereof) in anger and self-pity.  Salloway is charmingly funny as she flashes between her past memories as a fat, gym-challenged kid and her present efforts to get gastric bypass surgery.”
-- Edmonton Journal

“  ««««A funny, yet thoughtful, exploration of society's attitudes toward obesity.  Salloway… makes lightning-fast transformations in speech and body language as she segues from one character to the next. And she keeps a close eye out for the comical as the story moves between Amy's trials in junior high gym class and her weight-loss efforts years later.  Her greatest accomplishment in 'Circumference' is entertaining her audience while also educating them about a serious subject.” 
-- Edmonton Sun

“«««« 'Circumference' is all about how Salloway gets her life and her body back even as her plan to have gastric bypass surgery goes awry. It's smart, funny, and most importantly, honest. You can almost see her brain working towards a punch line as she tells us one of her fat horror stories, and then, at the last moment, going, oh, I'll just write the truth instead.”
--  Calgary Herald