Arts n' Smarts Teaching and Tutoring
Arts n' Smarts is Amy's independent tutoring and 
teaching business for kids and adults! 

Amy is a Phi Beta Kappa, Summa Cum Laude college graduate with a diverse, two-decade background in performing arts and education that's shaped her into a warm, perceptive and flexible teacher for all ages.  She tailors her tutoring help to each student's individual needs and learning style, incorporating a variety of strategies and activities so that the learner stays engaged -- for example, she’s created flashcard games for her ESL students, and has invented humorous math story problems featuring the tutorees as the main characters.  Amy strives for her time with students to be fun, motivating and productive!  

Amy is available to tutor:
English, including ESL and English Conversation Practice
Earth Sciences
Social Studies/History
All Mathematics up through Algebra

She’s comfortable with:
Special Needs

She can meet anywhere in the Minneapolis metro area -- your place, a library, or café.
Extremely reasonable rates.
Willing to work with individuals and groups...also willing to work in the school system and/or as a sub.  
Got other ideas -- an educational birthday party, maybe? Sure, why not! :D